Vicky's Mucky Punishment


By Snake



A sequel to "The King of Gunge", in which Vicky falls foul of the King's draconian new law on drunken behaviour in public...




Vicky came bursting in through the door of her flat, "OK - I'm finished ", she yelled, "Let's get ready to PARTY! She grinned at her friend Lucy. The girls had just finished their final exams, and were in the mood to hit the town. Vicky got dressed up to kill - she put on a black bra-top, a see-through black nylon top and a black mini-skirt. Her outfit was completed with sexy patterned tights and her favourite suede lace-up kinky boots. In comparison Lucy was dressed conservatively in a spangly top, black trousers and black ankle boots.




And were they up for a mad night? Six weeks stuck inside revising for finals when they hadn't been able to go out partying. A situation that was soon put right as the girls got stuck into bottles and shots as they made their way round the bars in the city centre. "Lets go clubbing! said Lucy. The girls were soon in the cheesy nightclub that they had often frequented throughout their student years. Lucy got straight up onto the dance floor to strut her stuff, while Vicky deployed her favourite tactic of chatting up blokes so that they would buy her drinks. After a couple of shots of Tequila, Vicky was feeling somewhat drunk. At that moment Lucy reappeared with a bloke in tow. "Vic - I've pulled! she shouted, "We're going back to the flat". Vicky had no inclination to go home at this early hour and told Lucy that she was staying. "Ok - but don't get too sloshed, remember that new law about getting drunk that came into effect last night! With that Lucy departed for home with her conquest. Vicky vaguely recalled something about a new law that she'd heard about on the news, but by that time she was too drunk to care. Vicky staggered off towards the bar for another drink but was stopped by one of the bouncers. "Ok Miss - I think you've had enough to drink, you'd better go home", he said, leading Vicky by the arm and throwing her out of the club. Vicky staggered down the steps, suddenly felt nauseous and had the misfortune to start throwing up just as two policemen walked by on patrol. "Right young lady, we can't have you wandering the streets in the state that you're in", said one of them sternly, "You'll have to come with us." Vicky was marched down the street, bundled into the back of a police van and driven to the local police station, where she was banged up in a cell for the night to sleep off her drunken stupor.


Vicky woke up with a groan. Why did her mattress feel so hard and lumpy? She sat up and realised where she was "OH SH**", she gasped. At that moment the cell door was unlocked and an officer arrived to collect Vicky. "Come on, come on - get up, you're due in court in one hour", he said. "Court?? You must be joking! All I did was get a bit tipsy last night", said Vicky in disbelief. The policeman smirked, "Getting a little bit tipsy in public as you called it is now a serious offence under the King's new law to combat anti-social and drunken behaviour. You're in a lot of trouble my girl." And indeed she was, as the King was sick and tired of drunken louts and hooligans causing trouble in the town and city centres of his kingdom and had ordered a zero tolerance clamp down on drunken behaviour in public. In a return to the ideals of the olden days, anybody found breaking this law would be locked up in the stocks in public as a deterrent to others.


Vicky was driven to the courtroom in the back of a police van and brought before the Judge. As this was the first case of its kind since the law had been changed, the King himself was present to view the proceedings. He smiled when he saw who the defendant was. "So Victoria, we meet again! It looks like you just can't keep yourself out of trouble! "Open and shut case your Majesty and m'lud", said one of the policemen who had arrested Vicky, from the witness stand, "we've got CCTV footage of the defendant staggering around in a drunken state and vomiting all over the pavement." "In that case, I can pass no other judgement", said The Judge. "The defendant has been found guilty. Her sentence is to spend the day in the stocks where the general public can pelt her with messy projectiles. All proceeds raised from the sale of said projectiles are to be donated to charitable causes." "OH MY GOD!! wailed Vicky, "I don't deserve that! She looked imploringly at The King. "Please your Majesty, can't I be granted a royal pardon?" The King smiled once again, "Well Vicky, I could but that would make a mockery out of what I'm trying to achieve with this. Take some heart in the fact that you'll be serving as an example to others and making society a better place." "Besides... he continued, "... I seem to remember that you look amazingly cute all locked up and covered in slop, and I for one won't want to miss out on that again. I will however excuse you from having to wear a prisoner's uniform while you serve out your sentence. You look stunning in that outfit, if you don't mind me saying so, and I'm sure that many lads will enjoy seeing you get punished in what you're wearing at the moment, rather than drab grey overalls." And with that Vicky was slapped in handcuffs and led out of the courtroom to the waiting van that whisked her away.


The police van pulled up outside the Tower of London and Vicky was led over to a slightly raised wooden platform on which stood a pillory and a trestle table filled with buckets. Vicky's handcuffs were unlocked and the pillory was opened up. The guards made sure that Vicky inserted her head and hands into the holes of the wooden frame before closing the top down, and padlocking her securely in place. Vicky sighed; it was going to be a long day. It was still fairly early in the morning and beyond a few amused passers-by nobody approached the platform. Soon though a large crowd began to gather, as news began to filter through about the prisoner. A young teenage boy walked up to the platform and bought a couple of eggs. Vicky closed her eyes as he took aim, but was fortunate as the egg was hurled too hard and sailed right over the top of the pillory. I'll be alright if they all throw like that, she thought. The lad took aim with his second egg and hit Vicky full in the face with it. The crowd cheered and began to clamour for their turn to pelt her. The guards pushed the crowd back and made them form an orderly queue to wait their turn. The bombardment came thick and fast and Vicky was soon covered in eggs and tomatoes. People were really starting to part with their cash and buying buckets of custard for ten pounds to tip over poor Vicky's head. After an hour of this Vicky's head was completely covered in slop. The guards then emptied three buckets of water over her to wash off most of the mess, so that crowd had a relatively clean target to aim for again. The bombardment recommenced with Vicky being 'washed off' every so often when she got a little too mucky.


After about three hours, to boos from the crowd the pillory was unlocked and Vicky was released. "What's happening? Have I been reprieved? she asked one of the guards hopefully. "Not likely Miss", responded the guard, "The King gave orders that you were to be moved around to serve out your sentence in more than one location". Vicky was carted back to the police van and driven away. Vicky was given clean clothes to change into that were identical to the ones she had been wearing. Once she was changed, she was led out again to another platform where an even bigger crowd had gathered. Word of mouth had spread about the 'entertainment' and Vicky was proving a big draw, as it wasn't every day of the week that a pretty young lass was locked up in the pillory and pelted. Much the same thing happened at the second pillory except buckets of spaghetti were on offer instead of custard. Three lads who had clubbed together ten pounds to buy a bucket of spaghetti complained to the guard that it would be a waste to tip it over Vicky's head, as she was so messy already. Could they tip it down her underwear instead? The guard couldn't see any reason why not, so one of the lads lifted up Vicky's skirt and his friends emptied the contents of the bucket into Vicky's tights. Vicky screamed as slimy spaghetti ran into her knickers and down her legs. This proved to be very popular with the crowd, and soon there was an eager queue of punters waiting to tip spaghetti into her tights. This continued until the sheer weight of spaghetti caused the tights to sag down around her knees depositing the spaghetti all over her boots.


After another three hours, she was again moved to a new location, given clean clothes and locked up again so that the bombardment could continue. Buckets of baked beans were available to complement the eggs and tomatoes and Vicky got plenty of beans poured over her head and down her tights.


The final three hours of her ordeal were to be spent in the pillory that had been erected in Leicester Square. A large crowd cheered as Vicky was led out and locked up in the wooden frame. The onslaught continued unabated and Vicky was soon covered again. All of a sudden Vicky heard a familiar voice, "Victoria! Just what do you think you've been up to young lady? Vicky looked up and saw her Mother standing there. "How many times have I warned you about not getting drunk? scolded Mum, "I hope that you've learnt your lesson today! "Please Mum", said Vicky, "I've just had the worst day of my life and I really don't need this right now", but Mum wasn't listening and was asking a guard how much it would cost to gunge her wayward daughter. The guard grinned and replied that the projectiles and buckets of slop would be "on the house" for Vicky's Mother. At that moment a TV crew arrived to shoot an item about Vicky's day in the pillory for the evening news. Vicky's humiliation was complete as her Mum pelted her with eggs and tomatoes, poured a bucket of baked beans over her head and finished her off with a large custard pie in the face, with the whole thing being filmed for broadcast on national television.


An hour later it was finally over. "The King wants to see you when you've cleaned yourself up", said a guard as he released Vicky from the pillory. What does he want now? Thought Vicky, just relieved that her punishment was finished. Vicky rubbed her neck; she was feeling quite sore and stiff from having to spend most of the day stuck in the same position. After showering and getting changed, Vicky was once again brought before The King. "Well young Victoria, that was an unqualified success I think", smiled The King, "you've raised nearly five thousand pounds for charity, how do you feel about that?" "I'm giving up drinking! sighed Vicky, "I never want to have to go through that again!" "Excellent - that's exactly what the idea behind all of this was, I'm glad to see you've learnt your lesson. the King continued, "As you've proven so popular today, perhaps I should arrange for you to be locked up and pelted on a regular basis. I'm sure that the charities that you've helped today would be more than happy for a repeat performance!" "Please your Majesty, anything but that! a horrified Vicky gasped, "I've learnt my lesson, and I won't be getting drunk ever again! The King looked at Vicky thoughtfully, "Ok perhaps not that, put you have given me an idea about a future use for your talents, I'll be in touch." he said, turning to leave. Vicky walked out apprehensively, wondering what the King could possibly have in store for her next.


To be continued... 2003