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Six Ladies Get Messy Wearing Formal Gowns

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Posted 05 October 2007 - 04:29 PM

Six ladies were invited to a charity party. The ladies were all asked to wear formal dresses. They did not know what they had to do or what was going to happen to them. They just went down to the leisure centre. They met up with a guy a called Peter. He took them to a room where they got changed into the dresses for the show. The ladies got changed into party dresses. On the stage the ladies noticed there was three tables that were full of custard pies. They then knew what was going to happen next.

Peter who was holding a custard pie went over to Julia who was dressed in a blue party dress. He then asked her to close her eyes, which she did. The next thing she could feel the custard pie hit her straight in the face. She could hear the sound of people laughing and clapping at them. Then Julia wiped her face with her hand. She decided to start a pie fight, and she went over to the table to pick a pie up. She threw it straight at Jessica who was wearing a red party dress, and hit her in the chest. Jessica then looked down at the state of her dress. She then went to get a custard pie to get her own back. But instead of hitting Julia she hit Ann right in the face. Pies started to fly hitting the ladies all over them. The people where loving it very much. After the pies were finished they stood there in their ruined dresses.

The ladies then went to get cleaned up. After that they went back to the changing room. This time they changed into evening dresses. “I wonder what’s in line for us next” said Julia as they left the changing room. “I guess we will soon find out,” said Tracy. When they got back on the stage there was a big pool of sloppy mud. “Does that answer your question?” said Tracy. The other ladies where looking at the pool of mud. While that was happening Peter went over behind Jane who was wearing a pink evening dress and pushed her straight into the pool!

The other ladies where laughing at her as she sat in the pool. When she stood up the sloppy mud fell off her dress. She then went over to the other side of the pool. While the other ladies were laughing she climbed out, went over behind Tracy and pushed her in the pool of mud. The other ladies looked at Tracy in the pool. Then Jane pushed in Jessica and Julia. Jane was stood there laughing at the two ladies were trying to get their balance, which was not easy. Then they started to throw handfuls of mud at Ann and Fiona. Ann and Fiona just stood there letting them throw mud at them. The ladies then smoothed down their dresses down. The six ladies were again left standing in ruined dresses.

Again they went to get cleaned up in changing room. The ladies were really beginning to love this. They left the changing room wearing sleeveless cocktail dresses, and when they got back on stage a big swimming pool was right in front of them. There was a slide at the far end of the pool. The ladies where asked to go over to the slide which they did. Then they climbed up the slide one by one. The ladies knew that they were going to get soaking wet so they just went along with it, as they were still enjoying themselves. Ann was the first, dressed in a white cocktail dress. She held up her arms as she went down the slide, and then made a big splash at the end. The other ladies followed her. With the six ladies in the pool having fun splashing each other. Then Julia and Jessica got out of the pool only just to jump back in. Ann and Tracy went for another slide down the slide.

Soon the ladies stood there once again in their soaking wet cocktail dresses. This time they didn’t have to get cleaned up. They just went to the changing room once again. They got changed for the last time. When they got back on stage wearing bridesmaid’s dresses. They noticed a lot of tins of paint, paintbrushes, rollers and roller trays. The ladies were asked to sit down on the chairs. They knew what was going to happen. Peter picked up one of the brushes and dipped it in the paint. He moved over to Ann who was wearing a blue dress, and then splashed paint all over the front of her dress. Then he did the same with Tracy who was wearing a red dress. As he did it to each lady he changed the colour as he went along. Their dresses where ruined so each of the ladies got up from their chairs and started to paint each other by using the rollers and brushes. It was only Fiona and Tracy who decided to throw some paint at the other ladies. The paint fight was well in hand. Paint was everywhere. The ladies were laughing as the fight went on. They were still clearly enjoying themselves even though they were covered in paint from head to toe. Standing there in their ruined dresses they went off to get cleaned up once again. When they got changed in the clothes they came in Peter thanked them for doing it. “We had a great time,” said the ladies. Then they went off to the pub before going home. It was the best night they ever had.

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